Compatible AC Charger for Toshiba Liteon PA-1650-02 PA-1650-21 PA-1750-04


UBatteries - The New Source of Power

UBatteries replacement AC Adapter designed to meet all oem requirements. Outstanding performance, durability and peace of mind are all in your hand when you are purchasing a UBatteries branded products.



  • Power Cord: 4 feet 3 Prung US Standard
  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: DC19V
  • Output Current: 4.74A
  • Output Power: 90W
  • Connector: 5.5 x 2.5 mm Tip
  • Compatible Part# PA-1650-02 PA-1650-21 PA-1750-04 PA-1750-09 PA-1750-24 PA-1900-04 PA-1900-06 PA-1900-24 PA-1900-82 PA3165E-1ACA PA3165U-1ACA PA3516E-1AC3 PA3516E-1ACA PA3516U-1ACA PA3716E-1AC3 PA3716U-1ACA PA3916U-1ACA PA5035E-1AC3 PA5035U-1ACA PA5180U-1ACA
  • Compatible Models: A100 A105 A130 A135 A200 A205 A210 A215 A300 A305 A305D A35 A350 A350D A355 A355D A500 A505 A505D A60 A65 A660 A660D A665 A665D A70 A75 C645 C645D C650 C650D C655 C655D C675 C675D C70 C70D C75 C75D E105 E205 E305 L300 L300D L305 L305D L350 L355 L355D L450 L455 L455D L45t L50 L500 L500D L505 L505D L50D L50t L515 L515D L55 L550 L555 L555D L55D L55t L630 L635 L640 L645 L645D L650 L655 L655D L670 L670D L675 L675D L70 L70D L730 L735 L735D

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