LORESO Universal Pot Pan Lid Handle Replacement, Pack of two- Silicone Heat Resistant and Non-Slip Lid Handles for Pots Pans


Maintain a firm grip over your pot and pan lids with replacement silicone handle knobs designed for safety, comfort, and style.

Think about how many times you cook every week. You’re constantly working with your pots, pans, and cookware to make meals for yourself and your family. That wear and tear can really wear down the knobs on top of cover lids, so you’ll need to replace them sooner than later so you can keep on using them for all your favorite recipes. We developed these universal silicone lid handle replacement knobs that fit almost all standard cookware, so you can enjoy a firm, heat-resistant grip over all your pots and pans.

Versatile Replacement Option

Regardless of the brand of your pots and pans or the side of the lids as long as it has a removable handle these universal replacements will work. And because they screw into place with minimal effort, you can give your old lids new life and get the most out of all your favorite cookware. The included hardware also makes it easy to swap them out and create a secure seal where the handle and lid meet, so you can better protect your hands from the heat and the lid from being dropped.

Product Details:

  • Replacement Lid Handle
  • Heat-Resistant Silicone
  • Smooth, Non-Slip Grip
  • Round Knob Shaped Design
  • Durable and Dishwasher Safe
  • Fits Most Standard Lids
  • Easy Installation (Includes Hardware)

Get this universal pot and pan knob handle replacement for your cookware lids and give them a firm, non-slip grip that’s heat resistant and better for busy kitchens. Click Add to Cart now to get yours.

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