LORESO 5 oz. Hard Plastic Disposable Cups, 96 Count, Clear, Heavy Duty, Food Grade, and Recyclable for Party Cocktails, Drinks, and Desserts


Be better prepared to serve friends or guests during your parties or get-togethers with disposable hard plastic cups from LORESO.

When it comes to throwing together a birthday party, corporate gathering, or just an evening with friends having some high-quality disposable cups can make it easier to serve up fresh drinks or cocktails without having to break out all the glassware. We created these premium LORESO hard plastic disposable cups as a way to create a high-class feel during your gathering, but also to make it easy to clean up quickly when it’s over. Crafted with BPA-free plastic these cups are thicker and more durable than standard cups and boast a more stylish design that really enhances the look of your event. And because they can be used for pastries, pudding, water, wine, desserts, and even arts and crafts there’s tons of ways you can add these to your daily events.

Product Details:

  • Hard Plastic Disposable Cups (96 Count)
  • Stylish, Decorative Tumbler Design
  • Great for Parties, Get Togethers, Picnics, and Events
  • Food Grade and Recyclable Plastic (BPA Free)
  • Great for Drinks, Snacks, and Desserts
  • Volume: 5 Ounces (Each)

Get our 96-pack of hard plastic disposable cups for your next party or get together and enjoy fresh cocktails, delicious desserts, and tasty parfaits with style.

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