UBatteries Compatible 65W AC Adapter Replacement for Toshiba Satellite A110 A130 A205 A665 A665D U500 U505 U840 U940 L635-SP3011M L635-SP3160 L635-SP3160M L640-008 L640-00F L640-00P Series


UBatteries Compatible 65W AC Adapter Replacement For Toshiba Satellite A110 A130 A205 A665 A665D U500 U505 U840 U940 L635-SP3011M L635-SP3160 L635-SP3160M L640-008 L640-00F L640-00P Series

UBatteries - The New Source of Power

UBatteries replacement AC Adapter designed to meet all oem requirements. Outstanding performance, durability and peace of mind are all in your hand when you are purchasing a UBatteries branded products.


Power Cord: 4 feet 3 Prung US Standard Input Voltage: AC100-240V Frequency: 50-60Hz Output Voltage: DC19V Output Current: 3.42A Output Power: 65W Connector: 5.5 x 2.5 mm Tip Compatible Part# PA3396U-1ACA PA3467U-1ACA PA3714C-1AC3 PA3714E-1AC3 PA3714U-1ACA PA3917U-1ACA PA3917U-1AC3 PA5178E-1AC3 PA5178U-1ACA

Compatible Models: A110-ST1111 A130-ST1311 A130-ST1312 A130-ST1313 A205-S4537 A205-S4557 A205-S4567 A205-S4577 A205-S4578 A205-S4587 A205-S4597 A205-S4607 A205-S4617 A205-S4618 A205-S4629 A205-S4638 A205-S4639 A205-S4707 A205-S4777 A205-S4787 A205-S4797 A205-S5000 A205-S5800 A205-S5801 A205-S5803 A205-S5804 A205-S5805 A205-S5806 A205-S5809 A205-S5810 A205-S5811 A205-S5812 A205-S5813 A205-S5814 A205-S5816 A205-S5819 A205-S5821 A205-S5823 A205-S5825 A205-S5831 A205-S5833 A205-S5835 A205-S5841 A205-S5843 A205-S5847 A205-S5851 A205-S5852 A205-S5853 A205-S5855 A205-S5859 A205-S5861 A205-S5863 A205-S5864 A205-S5866 A205-S5867 A205-S5871 A205-S5872 A205-S5878 A205-S5879 A205-S5880 A205-S6808 A205-S6810 A205-S6812 A205-S7442 A205-S7443 A205-S7456 A205-S7458 A205-S7459 A205-S7464 A205-S7466 A205-S7468 A205-SP4097 A205-SP5815 A205-SP5816 A205-SP5817 A205-SP5818 A205-SP5820 A205-SP5821 A205-SP5822 A665-3DV A665-3DV1 A665-3DV10X A665-3DV11X A665-3DV12X A665-3DV5 A665-3DV6 A665-3DV7 A665-3DV8 A665D-S5172 A665D-S5174 A665D-S5175 A665D-S5178 A665D-S6051 A665D-S6059 A665D-S6075 A665D-S6076 A665D-S6082 A665D-S6083 A665D-S6084 A665D-S6091 A665D-S6096 A665-S5169X A665-S5170 A665-S5171 A665-S5173 A665-S5176X A665-S5177X A665-S5179 A665-S5180 A665-S5181 A665-S5182X A665-S5183X A665-S5184X A665-S5185 A665-S5186 A665-S5187X A665-S5199X A665-S6050 A665-S6054 A665-S6055 A665-S6056 A665-S6057 A665-S6058 A665-S6065 A665-S6067 A665-S6070 A665-S6079 A665-S6080 A665-S6081 A665-S6085 A665-S6086 A665-S6087 A665-S6088 A665-S6089 A665-S6090 A665-S6092 A665-S6093 A665-S6094 A665-S6095 A665-S6097 A665-S6098 A665-S6100X A665-SP5131 A665-SP5131L A665-SP5161 A665-SP5161M A665-SP6001L A665-SP6001M A665-SP6002L A665-SP6002M A665-SP6003L A665-SP6003M A665-SP6004L A665-SP6004M A665-SP6010L A665-SP6010M A665-SP6011L A665-SP6011M A665-SP6012L A665-SP6012M A665-SP6013L A665-SP6013M U500-ST5302 U500-ST5305 U500-ST5307 U500-ST6321 U500-ST6322 U500-ST6344 U505-S2002 U505-S2005 U505-S2005PK U505-S2005RD U505-S2005WH U505-S2006 U505-S2006PK U505-S2006RD U505-S2006WH U505-S2008 U505-S2010 U505-S2012 U505-S2020 U505-S2925BN U505-S2925P U505-S2925W U505-S2930 U505-S2935 U505-S2940 U505-S2950 U505-S2950PK U505-S2950RD U505-S2950WH U505-S2960 U505-S2960PK U505-S2960RD U505-S2960WH U505-S2961 U505-S2965 U505-S2965RD U505-S2965WH U505-S2970 U505-S2975 U505-S2980-T U505-SP2017L U505-SP2017M U505-SP2916A U505-SP2916C U505-SP2916R U505-SP2990A U505-SP2990C U505-SP2990R U505-SP3018L U505-SP3018M U840-SP4201L U840-SP4260SM U840-SP4362SM U940-SP4262SM U940-SP4301GL U940-SP4360SM U940-SP4362SM

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