UBatteries Compatible 65W AC Adapter Replacement for Toshiba Satellite L605 L630 L635 L640 L640D L645 L645D L650 L650D L655 L655D L655D L670 L670D L675 L675D Tecra A40 A50 C50 R50 R700 Series


UBatteries Compatible 65W AC Adapter Replacement For Toshiba Satellite L605 L630 L635 L640 L640D L645 L645D L650 L650D L655 L655D L655D L670 L670D L675 L675D Tecra A40 A50 C50 R50 R700 Series

UBatteries - The New Source of Power

UBatteries replacement AC Adapter designed to meet all oem requirements. Outstanding performance, durability and peace of mind are all in your hand when you are purchasing a UBatteries branded products.


Power Cord: 4 feet 3 Prung US Standard Input Voltage: AC100-240V Frequency: 50-60Hz Output Voltage: DC19V Output Current: 3.42A Output Power: 65W Connector: 5.5 x 2.5 mm Tip Compatible Part# PA3396U-1ACA PA3467U-1ACA PA3714C-1AC3 PA3714E-1AC3 PA3714U-1ACA PA3917U-1ACA PA3917U-1AC3 PA5178E-1AC3 PA5178U-1ACA

Compatible Models: L630-BT2N13 L630-BT2N15 L630-BT2N22 L630-ST2G01 L630-ST2G02 L630-ST2N01 L630-ST2N02 L630-ST2N03 L630-ST2N04 L635-S3010 L635-S3010BN L635-S3010RD L635-S3010WH L635-S3012 L635-S3012BN L635-S3012RD L635-S3015 L635-S3020 L635-S3020BN L635-S3020RD L635-S3020WH L635-S3025 L635-S3030 L635-S3040 L635-S3040BN L635-S3040RD L635-S3040WH L635-S3050 L635-S3050BN L635-S3050RD L635-S3050WH L635-S3100 L635-S3100BN L635-S3100RD L635-S3100WH L635-S3104 L635-S3104BN L635-S3104RD L635-S3104WH L635-S3106 L635-S9310D L635-S9320 L635-S9321D L635-S9322D L635-S9330D L635-SP3001L L635-SP3001M L635-SP3002L L635-SP3002M L635-SP3003L L635-SP3003M L635-SP3004L L635-SP3004M L635-SP3006L L635-SP3006M L635-SP3010L L635-SP3010M L635-SP3011L L635-SP3011M L635-SP3160 L635-SP3160M L640-BT2N13 L640-BT2N15 L640-BT2N22 L640D-ST2N01 L640D-ST2N02 L640D-ST2N03 L640-ST2N01 L645D-S4025 L645D-S4029 L645D-S4030 L645D-S4033 L645D-S4036 L645D-S4037 L645D-S4037BN L645D-S4037RD L645D-S4037WH L645D-S4040 L645D-S4050 L645D-S4050BN L645D-S4050GY L645D-S4050RD L645D-S4050WH L645D-S4052 L645D-S4053 L645D-S4056 L645D-S4058 L645D-S4058BN L645D-S4058RD L645D-S4058WH L645D-S4100 L645D-S4100BN L645D-S4100GY L645D-S4100RD L645D-S4100WH L645D-S4106 L645D-S4106BN L645D-S4106RD L645D-S4106WH L645D-S9411D L645D-SP4001L L645D-SP4001M L645D-SP4002L L645D-SP4002M L645D-SP4005L L645D-SP4005M L645D-SP4015L L645D-SP4015M L645D-SP4016L L645D-SP4016M L645D-SP4017L L645D-SP4017M L645D-SP4020L L645D-SP4020M L645D-SP4021L L645D-SP4021M L645D-SP4022L L645D-SP4022M L645D-SP4023L L645D-SP4023M L645D-SP4131 L645D-SP4131L L645D-SP4166 L645D-SP4167 L645D-SP4167M L645D-SP4168 L645D-SP4168M L645D-SP4169 L645D-SP4169M L645D-SP4170KM L645D-SP4170LM L645D-SP4170NM L645D-SP4170RM L645D-SP4170VM L645D-SP4170WM L645-S4026 L645-S4026BN L645-S4026GY L645-S4026RD L645-S4026WH L645-S4032 L645-S4038 L645-S4055 L645-S4059 L645-S4060 L645-S4102 L645-S4103 L645-S4104 L645-S4104BN L645-S4104RD L645-S4104WH L645-S4108 L645-S9411D L645-S9412D L645-S9420D L645-S9421D L645-S9422D L645-S9430D L645-S9431D L645-S9432D L645-SP4003L L645-SP4003M L645-SP4004L L645-SP4004M L645-SP4006L L645-SP4006M L645-SP4010L L645-SP4010M L645-SP4011L L645-SP4011M L645-SP4019L L645-SP4019M L645-SP4025L L645-SP4025M L645-SP4130L L645-SP4133L L645-SP4135 L645-SP4135A L645-SP4135L L645-SP4137 L645-SP4137A L645-SP4137L L645-SP4138 L645-SP4138L L645-SP4145KL L645-SP4163 L645-SP4163M L645-SP4165 L645-SP4165M L645-SP4252CL L650-BT2N15 L650-BT2N22 L650-BT2N23 L650D-ST2N01 L650-ST2G01 L650-ST2N03 L650-ST2N04 L650-ST2NX1 L650-ST3N01X L650-ST3N02X L650-ST3NX1 L655D-S5050 L655D-S5055 L655D-S5066 L655D-S5066BN L655D-S5066RD L655D-S5066WH L655D-S5067 L655D-S5076 L655D-S5076BN L655D-S5076RD L655D-S5076WH L655D-S5093 L655D-S5094 L655D-S5095 L655D-S5102 L655D-S5102BN L655D-S5102RD L655D-S5102WH L655D-S5104 L655D-S5109 L655D-S5110 L655D-S5110BN L655D-S5110RD L655D-S5110WH L655D-S5116 L655D-S5145 L655D-S5148 L655D-S5151 L655D-S5152 L655D-S5159 L655D-S5159BN L655D-S5159RD L655D-S5159WH L655D-S5164 L655D-S5164BN L655D-S5164RD L655D-S5164WH L655D-S5190 L655D-SP5010L L655D-SP5010M L655D-SP5012L L655D-SP5012M L655D-SP5014L L655D-SP5014M L655D-SP5160 L655D-SP5160M L655D-SP6001L L655D-SP6001M L655D-SP6002L L655D-SP6002M L655D-SP6003L L655D-SP6003M L655-S5058 L655-S5059 L655-S5060 L655-S5061 L655-S5062 L655-S5065 L655-S5065BN L655-S5065RD L655-S5065WH L655-S5069 L655-S5071 L655-S5072 L655-S5073 L655-S5074 L655-S5075 L655-S5078 L655-S5078BN L655-S5078RD L655-S5078WH L655-S5083 L655-S5096 L655-S5097 L655-S5098 L655-S5098BN L655-S5098RD L655-S5098WH L655-S5099 L655-S5100 L655-S5100BK L655-S5100BN L655-S5100RD L655-S5100WH L655-S5101 L655-S5103 L655-S5105 L655-S5106 L655-S5106BN L655-S5106RD L655-S5106WH L655-S5107 L655-S5108 L655-S5111 L655-S5112 L655-S51121 L655-S51122 L655-S5112BN L655-S5112RD L655-S5112WH L655-S5114 L655-S5115 L655-S5117 L655-S5144 L655-S5146 L655-S5147 L655-S5149 L655-S5149WH L655-S5150 L655-S5153 L655-S5154 L655-S5155 L655-S5156 L655-S5156BN L655-S5156RD L655-S5156WH L655-S5157 L655-S5158 L655-S5160 L655-S5161BNX L655-S5161RDX L655-S5161WHX L655-S5161X L655-S5162X L655-S5163 L655-S5165 L655-S5166BNX L655-S5166RDX L655-S5166WHX L655-S5166X L655-S5167X L655-S5168 L655-S5188 L655-S5191 L655-S5198 L655-S9510D L655-S9511D L655-S9520D L655-S9521D L655-SP6004L L655-SP6004M L670-BT2N13 L670-BT2N22 L670-BT2N23 L670-BT2N25 L670D-BT2N22 L670D-ST2N01 L670D-ST2N02 L670D-ST2N03 L670D-ST2N04 L670-ST2N01 L670-ST3NX1 L670-ST3NX2 L675D-S7012 L675D-S7013 L675D-S7014 L675D-S7015 L675D-S7016 L675D-S7017 L675D-S7019 L675D-S7022 L675D-S7040 L675D-S7040GY L675D-S7042 L675D-S7046 L675D-S7047 L675D-S7049 L675D-S7050 L675D-S7052 L675D-S7053 L675D-S7060 L675D-S7100 L675D-S7101 L675D-S7102 L675D-S7102GY L675D-S7103 L675D-S7104 L675D-S7105 L675D-S7106 L675D-S7107 L675D-S7111 L675-S7018 L675-S7020 L675-S7044 L675-S7048 L675-S7051 L675-S7062 L675-S7108 L675-S7109 L675-S7110 L675-S7112 L675-S7113 L675-S7115 C40-C50 C50-B1500 C50-B1503 C50-B1520 C50-C1500 C50-C1502 C40-C1430

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