UBatteries Compatible 90W AC Adapter Replacement for Dell Studio 14 1435 1440 1450 1450n 1458, Studio 15 1535 1536 1537 1555 1557 1558 1569, Studio 15z, Vostro A840 A860 A860n, Vostro V13 V130 V131

Output Voltage: DC19.5V
Output Current: 4.62A
Output Power: 90W
Warranty: 1 Year
Compatible Part Numbers: 0W6KV, 2H098, 6KXKH, 7W104, 99H58, 9RCDC, DF266, DF315, J62H3, K8WXN, KDSHY , MK947, MRNFT, MV2MM, P0PT9,
T2357, UC473, UU572, W6KV, WK890, Y4M8K , YD9W8 , YY20N , 310-2862, 310-3399, 450-10471, AA90PM111, ADP-90AH FA,
ADP-90LD B, ADP90VH B, DA90PE3-00, DA90PM111, DA90PS2-00, ES90PE1-00 , FA90PM111, HA90PE1-00, LA65NM130, LA90PE1-01 , LA90PM111,
LA90PS0-00, LA90PS1-01 , P0PT9, PA10, PA-1900-01D3, PA-1900-28D , PA-1900-32D, PA-3E, 00W6KV, 02H098, 06KXKH,
07W104, 099H58, 09RCDC, 0DF266, 0DF315, 0J62H3, 0K8WXN, 0KDSHY , 0MK947, 0MRNFT, 0MV2MM, 0P0PT9, 0T2357, 0UC473, 0UU572, 0W6KV,
0WK890, 0Y4M8K , 0YD9W8 , 0YY20N , O0W6KV, O2H098, O6KXKH, O7W104, O99H58, O9RCDC, ODF266, ODF315,
OJ62H3, OK8WXN, OKDSHY , OMK947, OMRNFT, OMV2MM, OP0PT9, OT2357, OUC473, OUU572, OW6KV, OWK890, OY4M8K , OYD9W8 , OYY20N

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