Air Fryer Paper Liner, 100 Count - Parchment Paper Basket Lining for Air Fryer, Non-Stick Cooking Surface, Microwaves and Conventional Oven Safe

$11.95 $19.95

Keep your air fryer clean and supporting all your cooking and baking efforts by lining your fryer with disposable paper liners from LORESO.

Air fryers provide one of the quickest and most convenient ways to cook today. And because they’re a smart, healthier option over traditional oil frying we love using them for tons of meals, snacks, and recipes. But cleaning your air fryer when you’re finished can be a pain, especially if food melts and sticks to the pot inside. That’s why we developed these LORESO Disposable Air Fryer Paper Liners that let you cover the inside of your air fryer in a heat-resistant, non-stick layer, so you can cook and bake all those favorite meals without making a big mess. Quick, easy, and disposable these air fryer paper liners are sure to become a staple for all your air frying recipes.

Product Details:


  • Air Fryer Paper Liners Round (100-Count)
  • Disposable Pulp Wood Materials
  • Heat-Resistant, Non-Stick Surface
  • Supports Cooking and Baking Efforts
  • Safe for Air Fryers, Microwaves, and Ovens
  • Reduces Cleanup Time for Quick, Easy Meals
  • Exceptional Quality for Personal or Professional Needs


Line your air fryer with disposable paper liners from LORESO to make cooking faster, easier, and less messy, so you can spend more time enjoying the meal and less time cleaning up when you’re finished.


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