LORESO Silicone Glass Lid for Pots & Pans, Grey Pack of Two - Universal Lid for Pots Pans & Skillet 6 to 11 Inches with Removable Side Handle, Tempered Glass Lid with Side Handle Cut


LORESO pot lid is an automatically adjustable pan lid which features a layered brim for fast
size adjustments. NO action required. The silicone lip instantly adheres to pots, pans & skillets of
varying sizes. Use the larger lid to cover 9-inch pots or 11-inch pans & the smaller lid to cover 6"
pots or 8" skillet pans. All you need is these universal glass lids to 'cover' day-to-day cooking needs.

MULTI SIZE PAN LIDS - Just 1 Lid Accommodates Multiple Sizes!
Meet the world's finest no-fuss, easy adjust, space-saving universal lid cover for pots & pans.
The magic is in the graduated brim sculpted to fit different sizes of cooking pots & saucepans.

SET OF 2 LID COVERS - Lids Together Cover 6 inch - 11-inch Pots
Universal large pot lid performs as an 11-inch pot lid or 9-inch pot lid, while the medium lid
can be used as a universal sous vide pot lid for 6" to 8" sauté pans, saucepans or skillets.

SUPERIOR QUALITY - Strong Tempered Glass + Sturdy Silicone Rim
Unlike solid silicone lids, these glass pot lid covers are not the least bit flimsy. The covers are
made out of tempered glass, fitted with silicone bands & finished with side cut for handle & steaming.

Tidy up cabinets & cupboards with our universal silicone pot lids, the space saver cookware home
chefs prefer. Smarten up, scale down & save space. Our multi fit lids are recommended for RV life,
homes with small kitchens, student dorm rooms, campus apartments, studio apartments & loft living.

✅ Shatterproof Heat-Resistant Tempered Glass Pot Lids
✅ Flexible, Pliable, Automatic Fit to Size Silicone Brim
✅ Side Cut for Ventilation + Cool Touch Knobs for Safety
✅ Dependable Dishwasher Safe Food Grade Materials

Get organized using our universal lid with side handle cut!

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