Disposable Plastic Spoons 5 Inch Clear - Dessert Spoons for Ice Cream, Mini Spoons for Tasting, Sampling, Appetizers, Parties, Small Catering Supplies

Serve Guests & Taste Desserts The Simple Way With LORESO Mini Spoons For Desserts And Appetizers!

We combine a simple yet functional design with sturdy plastic to bring you disposable clear flatware that will provide the perfect fit for all your tasting and serving needs. They are endlessly versatile and food safe to fit right in at any party.

From formal occasions like weddings and family dinners to casual parties, LORESO mini spoons for appetizers provide just the right fit for any occasion or event you have in mind. They are designed to complement the look of most decors and events.

Clear, Disposable, & Versatile – Suitable For Any Occasion

When it comes to quality, we make no exceptions. Our clear disposable spoons are made using only food-safe plastic with long handles. They are ideal for everyday use and don’t rely on any BPA so you can safely use them with most foods.

Thanks to their clear design, the disposable mini spoons for desserts can be seamlessly paired up with almost any type of table space or decorations to match the theme of your party or event to enjoy ice creams, yogurt, appetizers, and so much more.

Features You’ll Love:
- The spoons are easy and comfortable to hold
- Can be paired up with other disposable products for parties
- Our spoons can simply be disposed of after using once
- Each pack has 50/500 spoons so you always have enough
- Durable build to prevent them from snapping when eating

Enjoy The Desserts You Love Without Worrying About Lengthy Cleanups With LORESO Disposable Plastic Spoons Set!

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