Brake Line Flaring Tool Set - 45 Degree Flares on 3/16"-5/8” Copper, Aluminum, Brass & Soft Steel Lines, Premium Brake Tool Line Flaring Set, for Brakeline Brake Repair


Tired of cheap Brake Line Flaring Tools that produce uneven, off-centre line flares?

Want a professional, premium Line Flaring Kit that produces perfect, high performance 45 degree brake line flares in an instant?

If so, Loreso’s Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool is the perfect choice!

Designed by leading automotive professionals, our Brake Flaring Tool Kit uses a precise, centered 45 degree domed head together with a 5.1in bend-resistant T-Bar handle to maximize flaring force, reduce friction, and produce perfectly centered, factory grade single line flares, eliminating cracked lines and off-center flares!

Our hardened aluminum alloy 6.8in Flaring Bar prevents line push-back, with strip-resistant screw threads and extra strong dual wing nuts, allowing you to tighten and clamp copper, brass and soft steel lines from 3/16" to 5/8” without thread stripping and broken wings as with most other Brake Flare Tool Kits on the market!

Why LSR LORESO’s Brake Line Flaring Kit is your BEST Choice?

Professional Quality – Produce centered, level 45 degree single line flares.
5.1in Strong T-Bar Handle – Comfortable rubber tips, generates strong screw-force without bending.
Extra Strong Flaring Bar – Keeps lines extra tight while flaring, eliminating line push-back.
Precise, Centered 45 Degree Eccentric Cone – Prevents off-center flares, reduces friction and line cracking.
Chromed Aluminum Alloy – Extra strong Yoke and solid 6.8in Flaring Bar with enhanced rust and corrosion resistance.


Our Brake Line Flaring Tool is designed for use with Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Magnesium and Soft Steel Lines measuring 3/16" to 5/8” – for professional line repairs whether brake, fuel or AC lines!


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