LORESO Magnet Fishing Kit MAG2300 Double Magnets 880lb +550lb Rope & Accessories

$74.95 $119.95

Loreso Rare Earth Neodymium Fishing Magnet Kit 2300+ Series

Do you enjoy going treasure hunting out in the ocean or in bodies of fresh water?

Looking for an incredibly strong and durable magnet for fishing that can lift and carry large and super heavy objects?

Presenting ★Loreso’s Treasure Hunting Fishing Magnet Kit★

This underwater magnet for fishing has been expertly engineered using two super powerful neodymium rare earth magnets which provide an outstanding magnetic pull of more than 1300-pounds combined. This strong magnetic force makes our fishing magnet perfect for hunting treasure underwater or even when trying to fish metallic objects out of sand, dirt, and gravel. Plus, with its relatively small size, having a diameter of 3.0-inches, a height of 2.5-4.5 inches, and a thickness of 0.7-inches, our treasure hunting magnet can easily fit into small places that would typically be out of reach.

A unique Magnet Fishing Kit, safe to use and easy to carry
Magnets included in this kit have been crafted with a thick and durable stainless-steel casing. The casing is both rust and corrosion-proof, making our neodymium magnets perfect to use for years without it becoming weaker; it also protects our magnets for fishing from cracks and scratches as well when in use. Along with the casing, we’ve also designed our fishing magnets with a detachable 304 stainless-steel eyehook and added a Thread locker glue to secure connection and tying to the rope, ensuring the magnet can lift heavy and large objects with ease without losing it under water.

- Single Sided Magnet 550lbs with Detachable Hook.
- Double Sided Magnet 800lb with Detachable Hook.
- Multi Purpose Nylon Rope 65Ft with Double Carabiner.
- Safety Gloves.
- Thread Locker Glue.
- Carrying Case with Safety Lock.


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